The Finished Project’s Reclaimed Wood Wall

Weekend Walls Peel and Stick Wood Wall by The Finished Project

The Finished Project’s Reclaimed Wood Wall

Hello, Weekenders!

We really can’t get enough of our partnership project with The Finished Project! Lori documented her superb install of our peel and stick wood panels in Natural & we’re excited to share it with you.

After 14 years of the same décor, both Lori and her son decided it was time to refresh his room. Modern trends celebrate using rustic farmhouse décor, bringing certain outside elements indoors. Think natural materials like weathered wood and plants. Reclaimed Wood Wall in Natural by The Finished Project 1 - The Finished Project’s Reclaimed Wood WallTaking advantage of these trends, Lori decided to use our peel and stick wall panels in Natural to create an accent wall. Her design goal created a rustic, sophisticated feel. The natural background also welcomed pops of color from pillows, her son’s guitar, and some greenery.

Check out her post – there are awesome before & after shots, and she documents her entire DIY process! The wall pictured is 14 feet long by 10 feet high, so the minimum square footage needed would be 140 square feet. For most projects, we recommend ordering a little extra (around 10%) to account for cuts and waste. Measuring your wall is the easiest way to determine how much material you will need for a project.

The charm of the modern farmhouse decor look comes from the unique character of natural wood. This mix of cedar and redwood lived a previous life as outdoor fencing. Each board has a rich history that creates a wide variation in color, weathering, and character marks. Using paneling made from recycled material is a sustainable way to achieve a brand new look! With sustainability in mind, our entire production process seeks to eliminate waste, reduce the demand for new lumber, and also create a durable product that adds to the beauty in your home.

Lori said that installing Weekend Walls was “easy peasy ~ lemon squeezy!” Even if you’re not a pro, you can do it too! Check out some of our video tutorials and FAQs to see how you can refresh your space. And if you are ready to talk about your project with us, we would love to hear from you.
Happy DIYing!


Photos by The Finished Project