Prepare Your Wall

$8-10 Weekend Walls Peel and Stick Wood is the Designers Best Kept Secret!

Step 1: Move the furniture

Get the area ready by moving furniture out of the way. You might need a helper for this task.

Weekend Walls Blue Install Edmonds Prep Wall 12 - Prepare Your Wall

Step 2: Remove hardware from your walls

Start by taking off any hardware left on the wall such as picture hangers or nails. Don’t worry about any of the electrical face plates quite yet. That step is covered in the electrical section of our self help guide.

Weekend Walls Blue Install Edmonds Prep Wall 13 1 - Prepare Your Wall

Step 3: Remove dust and grime from the walls

Wipe the wall down with a clean cloth. You want to make sure there is no dust, dirt, grease or grime on the walls. The cleaner you get the wall, the better the adhesive will stick! This is a very important step that cannot be skipped.

Weekend Walls Blue Install Edmonds Prep Wall 16 - Prepare Your Wall

Step 4: Unbox WeekendWalls for acclimating

Start to unbox your Weekend Walls. If you live in a very humid or arid environment, we suggest letting the wood acclimate to your specific location for 36 hours so it can adjust to its new home.  This step also lets you see the product and become familiar with it.

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