You Got This!

Don’t let another weekend go by.

With Weekend Walls peel and stick reclaimed wood paneling, you can transform any room in your home in a single weekend. Yes, you really can finish installing in one weekend (probably in a few hours)! No need to wait, Weekend Walls is so simple to order and apply. It’s lightweight, easy to cut, and genuinely the best material out there.

Just peel and stick your way to gorgeousness.

The rustic or farmhouse look is an incredibly popular trend in modern home décor. To achieve this unique style, homeowners typically had two options: 1) buy an old farmhouse or 2) undergo an extensive and expensive remodel. With our easy to install wood paneling, you can achieve the rustic look you’ve always dreamed of with your own two hands, and without breaking the bank. You’ll be so happy with your smart stunning walls, you won’t believe you did it yourself without a designer!

In fact, you’re guaranteed to love it.

If you receive the material and it isn’t for you, we offer a 30-day no questions asked return for all unused full boxes.

So, what are you waiting for? You got this!

Our reclaimed wood paneling comes in four colors: natural brown, gray, white, and black. We also offer corner trim in natural brown and gray. Place your order and get your weekend going.
And when you’re done, be an inspiration for others.

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Watch our video on how to prep for and install your Weekend Walls

Installation Instructions

Weekend Walls Blue Install Edmonds Measuring Wall 22 - You Got This!

Measure your wall

Weekend Walls Blue Install Edmonds Prep Wall 13 1 - You Got This!

Prepare your wall

Weekend Walls Blue Install Edmonds Putting up first piece 152 - You Got This!

Start your first row

Cutting WeekendWalls 18 - You Got This!

Ways to cut Weekend Walls

WeekendWalls Electrical 1 - You Got This!

Electrical outlets

Weekend Walls Blue Install Edmonds Ripping to width 3 - You Got This!

Ripping to width

WeekendWalls Flush Trim Cap Installation 1 - You Got This!

Corner trim pieces

instructions253x179 1 - You Got This!



Temporary Peel and stick reclaimed wood wall with plywood - You Got This!

Temporary Installation with Plywood

Install Wall Decor Over Reclaimed Wood Wall  - You Got This!

Install Wall Decor

Weekend Walls Peel and Stick Reclaimed Wood Wall Pressure with J roller - You Got This!

Use a J-Roller to Apply Pressure

cut2 - You Got This!

Cutting with a Jigsaw

Using the Right Tools

Whether you’re a DIY professional or a first-time homeowner, Weekend Walls can be installed in a few steps. All installs will need a tape measure, level, J-roller, and a carpenter’s square. Our panels come in square sections but can be cut to any size and shape to fit your design vision. There are lots of options for cutting, including a jigsaw, razor knife, or a hand miter saw. We recommend the jigsaw and carpenter’s square for ease and speed of cutting. If you feel more comfortable using a hand saw these work as well, they just take a bit more time and care while cutting!

To help you install your Weekend Walls panels, we’ve broken down the install process into 7 easy steps. From how to measure your wall to how to apply the panels, the links below are a great resource to help transform any space in your home!

We have also included links to some of the tools we recommend below that can be purchased online. Each one of these tools can be purchased at your local hardware store too (Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, etc).

If you any questions about our products or how to install our reclaimed wood paneling, email or give us a call at (503) 558-6468.

WW Install It Leveling Tool - You Got This!

WW Install It Speed Square - You Got This!

WW Install It Black and Decker Saw - You Got This!

WW Install It Roller - You Got This!

Are you ready to rock the weekend?

Great! Order your new walls here.

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Weekend Walls 3 - You Got This!